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  1. 08-10 August | Siggraph 2023

    [SAVE THE DATE] Meet TechViz at Siggraph 2023!

  2. Contact us, fill in our form to download XR Space multi-device product leaflet

  3. XR PubliShare

    Record the 3D information of your 3D model and share them later on as an immersive standalone xr experience with XR PubliShare.

  4. XR for the aerospace and shipbuilding industry

  5. 28-30 June | XR Fair Tokyo 2023

    [SAVE THE DATE] Meet us at XR Fair Tokyo 2023!

  6. May 31-June 2| AWE USA 2023

    [SAVE THE DATE] Meet us at AWE USA 2023

  7. XR PubliShare

  8. May 31 – June 2 | OPEN XR DAYS AT OUR TECHVIZ LAB

    [SAVE THE DATE] Open XR Days at our TechViz Lab in Paris

  9. 10 May | 12th XR Symposium

    [SAVE THE DATE] Meet TechViz at XR Symposium in Heidelberg!

  10. 17-21 April | Hannover Messe 2023

    [Save the date] Discover our latest innovation in VR collaboration


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