08-10 August | Siggraph 2023

TechViz program

Meet us at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2024. We will be demonstrating the power of a zero-data-transfer 3D Model visualization from various CAD apps.

How to ensure data safety when visualizing 3D CAD models in VR?

Experience the power of a safe VR Collaboration like never before during a cutting-edge technical product review with a 3D Model provided by our CAD Partners and visualized using TechViz’s revolutionary zero-data-transfer approach.

How can I improve the work of my R&D team with XR?

Whether you possess a great spatial imagination or struggle to connect lines to depict a 3D object, TechViz is there to assist every team member in visualizing a 3D model as if it was right in front of them. This transformative capability can dramatically enhance the R&D process and reduce its time.

It’s important to recognize that individuals who excel in technical and exact sciences or have a strong spatial imagination aren’t always naturally creative, and vice versa. These differences in cognitive strengths arise from variations in brain development and aptitudes.

Each team member’s spatial imagination capabilities are different. TechViz makes all of them equal.


  • START: February 11
  • END: February 14
  • BOOTH: to be communicated
  • LOCATION: 650 S Griffin St, Dallas, TX, 75202 (USA)
  • EVENT WEBSITE: Official Website


3DEXPERIENCE World is a prominent conference that brings together a diverse community of engineers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and industry leaders. The event is designed to facilitate learning, engagement, and the sharing of knowledge, with a strong focus on driving innovation within the industry.