TechViz Launches First Immersive Real-Time 3D Prototyping Experience for Multiple Users in Separate Locations

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 PARIS – Aug. 7, 2012 – TechViz (, a global provider of immersive 3D virtual prototyping software solutions, today announced the worldwide launch of TechViz Collaborative™. As plug-in to the TechViz XL™ software package, which allows users to convert and display 3D models directly from their native desktop applications on any stereo 3D display, TechViz Collaborative is the first technology of its kind to enable a singular 3D virtual prototyping experience for users in multiple locations.

 “We [TechViz] have developed a portfolio of advanced visualization solutions for 3D applications that provide users with the tools they need to accelerate the development and planning cycle,” commented TechViz General Manager, Alberto Gabai. “The introduction of TechViz Collaborative adds an exciting new dimension to immersive 3D virtual prototyping by helping global operations share the value of the virtual experience in real time, regardless of their proximity to each other.”

TechViz Collaborative gives users the ability to visualize a 3D model from 3D CAD, PLM and simulation applications together with remote users’ avatar in real time. There is no limit to the number of sites that can join the immersive 3D prototyping experience with TechViz Collaborative and the breakthrough technology can pinpoint remote users’ attention throughout the experience.

 TechViz Collaborative is now available through TechViz’s North American sales and integration partner, EOS Solutions ( It offers TechViz’s entire portfolio of 3D Virtual Prototyping software solutions, including: TechViz XL, Virtual Workbench, Fusion, Turbo and Digital Review.

 About TechViz

TechViz ( is the world leading developer and provider of advanced visualization solutions for 3D applications. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their production cycles, save money and reduce the time to market of their products by having a better understanding of their 3D data. TechViz XL – the driver and its options – is the tool which allows you to go beyond the desktop workstation, to display virtual prototypes in real time, directly from your desktop 3D application into a virtual environment without any data conversion and without any limitation for resolution, size, shape or performance.

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