TechViz installs 3D multi-display software for Barco’s new visualization technology at DaytaOhio

PARIS, FRANCE – October 1, 2008 – TechViz today announced that it has completed a software installation for Barco at the daytaOhio visualization lab at Wright State University’s Joshi Center in Dayton, Ohio.

daytaOhio, a $44.5 million collaborative investment by the State of Ohio, industry, government and universities, installed TechViz XL for Barco’s iSpace display system – a multi-sided immersive virtual environment. daytaOhio is using the iSpace display system for a range of projects, including the real-time analysis of oil and gas seismic data. The center is helping geophysicists accelerate the time-consuming task of analyzing complex, multi-faceted seismic data. By displaying the data in an immersive 3D fashion, geophysicists can achieve a better understanding of seismic information.

« Computer simulation combined with immersive visualization display enables us to view a wide range of data using many different 3D applications with the help of the TechViz software. We are able to work with many more types of clients because of this software capability,” said Ken Berta, Executive Vice President. TechViz’s software will work hand-in-hand with a variety of tools to enable multi-channel stereoscopic viewing and virtual reality interaction capabilities which include a motion system by ART tracking technology, supporting a six degree-of-freedom navigation device and glasses for a viewer-centered perspective for the user, and visualization software such as Schlumberger’s Petrel and Mercury Computer System’s Avizo. This ability to work with the virtual view as if it was the real thing, allows faster, more intuitive analysis of 3D models and data compared to using the mouse and keyboard for navigation.

daytaOhio’s visualization lab includes Barco’s iSpace and CADWall display systems powered by Barco’s multi-channel active stereo projection system, HP PC cluster with high-end NVidia graphic cards running 32-bit Windows XP on quad-core processors, and ART tracking technology. « The daytaOhio center has an excellent facility to provide opportunities for many diverse clients and projects, » said Alexis Vartanian, Chief Technology Officer of TechViz. « We are very pleased with another installation and look forward to further opportunities to support daytaOhio projects and applications. »