TechViz for the Automotive Market

The automotive industry has been a VR pioneer, due to the possibility of cost and time reductions in such a competitive market.

This is why TechViz attracts customers from the automative market.

Use cases:

  • Experience a car in the open road, in real life situations
  • Virtual assembly
  • Assembly training
  • Enhance the creative process: personalize a vehicle (change the dashboard, the options, the wheels, paint, rearview mirrors)
  • Expose the dangers of distracted driving

Why is VR key in the Automotive Market?

Many actors of the automotive industry use TechViz. Indeed, the development of VR is key in the automotive market : being increasingly competitive, the automotive industry requires faster time-to-market and ever higher quality of products.
Car design needs constant changes and reviews before reaching production. This is highly time-consuming and very expensive, but using VR with TechViz can help you reduce cost and time by replacing physical mock-ups with virtual ones.

Advantages of TechViz in the Automotive Market :

The Automotive Market and TechViz Fusion

Leaders in the automotive market use TechViz fusion for validation of their vehicle design and properties within a simulation environment: to check design towards safety requirements. A windshield might meet esthetical requirements, but it is essential to ensure the driver has the necessary visibility clearance to drive safely. Engineers can thus verify comfort and ergonomics, accidentology, control system of the vehicle dynamics, check the vehicle design, and study Human Machine Interface.

Our References in the Automotive Industry

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