TechViz TVZLib API: develop tailored interactive functionalities!

Create scenarios, program functionalities and integrate tracking information

Discover how TechViz XL and TechViz TVZLib API technologies were combined and used to easily create VR applications from desktop designed ones.

Combine your existing 3D OpenGL application with TechViz TVZLib API to develop tailored interactive functionalities!

Thanks to TechViz TVZLib API, developers can easily modify (or create) their existing desktop application for being used similarly within a VR environment, by programming their own functionalities, as well as easily integrating tracking information as inputs for navigation and interaction, instead of using a keyboard and a mouse only. Furthermore all VR prerequisites are handled transparently by the TechViz XL core.

TechViz offers a programming library that can be adapted to a broad range of programming languages (C, C++, c#, python…). Integrating this C library within one OpenGL based developed application, users can either get back information from what is happening within the VR environment or call TechViz functionalities (for instance: navigation functions when developing a new metaphor of navigation – virtual driver of navigation).

Use cases:

  • Academic Centers : VR training program such as surgical training
  • Industries : VR training scenarios such as railway signaling operators: unlimited practice within a safe environment, with unlimited possible scenarios

Free download for more information about TVZLib API!

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G. Zachmann, J. Perret, and A. Amditis (Editors)

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  • Key features :

  • Create and develop scenarios
  • Integrate your tracking information
  • Use the programming library (C, C++, c#, python…)

Why use TechViz TVZLib API?

The TechViz TVZLib API was developed in order to satisfy the growing need of new scenarios, in a world where the knowledge about VR is becoming more and more widespread. With TechViz TVZLib API, users do not have to consider any technical features related to the VR environment – such as the display configuration (CAVE, WALL, HMD…), the stereo technology, the tracking brand, and all the synchronization problematic (rendering synchronization or stereo one).


  • Used with any Virtual Reality Environment (CAVE, HMD,…)
  • Asynchronous feature of the library not impacted by synchronization processes (projectors, rendering)
  • Easy to implement
  • Thanks to TechViz TVZLib one can create their own specific scenario and program their own functionalities to meet one’s need.

How does the TechViz TVZLib work?

The TechViz TVZLib option operates with TechViz XL, with which you can display your large 3D data sets or 3D virtual prototype directly from your native application, on any type of stereo 3D display.

All TechViz options work on standard workstations under Windows 7, 8, 10 or Linux, 32 or 64 bits binary compatibility.

TechViz TVZlib