Instant display of your applications on zSpace and HP Zvr with TechViz, vr software

TechViz enables to display instantly any 3D application on zSpace and HP Zvr immersive display. Learn more about this functionality for an easy access to virtual reality!

TechViz solution for virtual-holographic 3D display

Similarly to what TechViz XL is providing to the VR system, TechViz solution for virtual-holographic 3D display offers to display the models of any 3D application (Dassault Systems Catia V5PTC Creo, Siemens NXNavisworks, etc.) within one zSpace or HP ZVR immersive display system.

All TechViz options (VR Collaboration, Human Body TrackingDigital Review, Virtual Assembly, I3, etc.) are available on the zSpace/HP Zvr, just like on any other platforms supported by TechViz (Star VR One, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Immersive Room, Power wall…).

zSpace/ZVR is a technological system that is revolutionizing the future of human-computer interaction. Through this collaboration, engineering, manufacturing and conceptual design departments can virtually explore and evaluate a complete product before it is actually produced within a realistic, 3D environment – through the usage of Virtual Reality on a easy and small VR system.

Advantages: Why use TechViz to display zSpace/HP Zvr?

For a rapid and easy access to Virtual Reality!

  • Direct immersive 3D visualization
  • Rapid matching validity
  • Easy to start and use
  • Smaller scale but including all VR features
  • Minimum investment
  • Non-intrusive desktop VR environment
  • Team collaboration
  • Possibility of modifications within native applications seen in real time in the VR environment

Use Cases:

  • VR devices used by students in a classroom or by any user on a simple desk
  • Rapid local VR visualization and validation
  • Easy to start and stop

Key features

  • No data conversion needed

  • Easy and fast to use

  • Fitting VR-desktop scenario

How does it work?

4 easy steps:

  1. Install the Z-Hardware element on a workstation
  2. Install Techviz
  3. Start your application
  4. Load your model

It is ready to start!


  • The same model is displayed at the same time on the ZVR or zSpace
  • Head-tracking and Stylus are supported and enable virtual-holographic effect in real time.