3D Visualization and Virtual Prototyping : Why use TechViz?

TechViz is a world leader in developing 3D visualization software. We have a vast global reputation in the fields of computer architecture, 3D rendering, cluster computing and virtual reality

Reducing time to market and optimizing products are today’s main concerns in any industry. Therefore, more and more products are being developed in the form of virtual prototypes. Virtual prototyping means using a software such as TechViz to predict performance and spot possible design errors before creating physical prototypes. The time required to get the product to market is greatly reduced because virtual prototypes can be produced much faster than physical prototypes.

  • A Unique Tool For:

  • Product presentation
  • Maintenance process evaluation
  • Ergonomics in the workplace
  • Ergonomics of the driving seat
  • Virtual reality training
  • Visualization of complex data
  • Design assessment, decision making, quality assurance, promotion, teaching
  • Meet around the product with: experts, suppliers, customers, foreign teams…
  • Key Benefits:

  • Available immediately
  • Visualize variants and changes instantly
  • Lower costs
  • Any scale


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