Multi-system Collaboration

Multi-system Collaboration

How VR remote collaboration facilitates product reviews from a distance

TechViz multi-system collaboration is a vr collaboration platform that enables real-time immersion in a 3D model between co-workers in different locations. One participant shares a 3D model from any 3D application (Solidworks, Navisworks, Creo, Catia…) and each participant can visualize it on any display system: immersive room, HMD, Powerwall…

A shared virtual workspace

Teamwork is nowadays crucial and has become a challenge for global firms whose departments or subsidiaries are spread all over the world. To answer companies needs, TechViz has developed its virtual reality collaboration feature creating a shared virtual workspace connecting several sites around a same 3D project. Immersed in their own VR system, users from different locations can see each other, visualize and work on the same 3D model, from any 3D application in real time. No need to convert any data.

This advanced feature is ideal to improve communication between coworkers to pursue decision and validation processes without physical meeting. TechViz VR collaboration can also be used to provide remote training, in real time, at any distance. Teamwork becomes easier within companies.

A fluent virtual environment to save time efficiently

TechViz collaborative vr solution ensures real time data update and synchronization from different departments based all around the world. Navigation and interaction from every site is fluent: people can join or leave a session without affecting the connection of the other sites.

What are the benefits of this innovation in real time 3D? This evolution in the use of virtual reality environments saves time through enhanced communication around a same 3D project: the visual medium is used to share ideas easily and efficiently.


  • VR Meetings and Collaboration between departments worldwide
  • Real time 3D model visualization on different devices
  • View remote user’s avatar & pinpoint remote user’s attention
  • Cross domain review
  • Work on corporate connection
  • No data conversion
  • Heterogeneous display systems: immersive rooms, XR headsets, video display walls
  • Up to 50 sites working together in real time

How does VR Collaboration work?

  • VR Multi-site Collaboration operates with TechViz XL licence, the 3D vizualisation software with which you can display your large 3D data sets or virtual prototype directly from your native application with large frame rate, on any type of stereo 3D display.
  • TechViz software and its options work on standard workstations under Windows 7, 8, 10 or Linux, 32 or 64 bits binary compatibility.
  • All professional 3D applications are displayed on any VR devices without any conversion.

VR Sketching: draw on your 3D CAD model during a remote collaboration session

  • Draw directly in VR.
  • Change live the design of your 3D model and validate it with other people during a vr collaborative meeting.
  • Circle a specific area of your 3D model to highlight parts of your virtual prototype.
  • Make annotations.
  • Add some elements to the 3D model while making a project review in VR.

Use Cases

Technical review:


Production site

Validation process:

Management &

Engineering Review




Maintenance operations:

Conception design – Operators

Key features

Section planes

See the inside of an object


Stick virtual flags on the model to point out specific issues seen during the review


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