Experience Full Immersive Navigation within YOUR 3D Model 

TechViz Virtual Reality (VR) Showroom is a unique facility located in the heart of Paris (France) displaying your 3D model in a full immersive environment.

Equipped with the latest High Technologies both hardware and software, TechViz 4 sided CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) is a fully integrated solution for VR and 3D visualizations. Developed with long-term partners, all experts in their field, TechViz CAVE is definitely your fast track to 3D Virtual Reality.

  • Projection powered by Christie, 4 mirage M series
  • Integration by Antycip Simulation
  • 3D Visualization Software TechViz XL by TechViz
  • Workstations Z620 supplied by HP
  • Screens and structure supplied by Da-lite
  • NVIDIA Graphic cards P5000 supplied by PNY
  • Tracking system TrackPack 4 and navigation device FLystick2 supplied by ART
  • 3D glasses and emitters supplied by Volfoni

TechViz 3D Showroom – 63 boulevard Masséna – 75013 Paris – France

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Bring your own data and visualize your model in TechViz 4 sided CAVE !

Displaying the latest leading technologies, TechViz CAVE has been designed to promote Virtual Reality amongst businesses. Engineers, designers, marketers but also media, researchers: our immersive room is your solution should you want to virtually experience your 3D models, interact and make changes in real time. Our Virtual Reality Software TechViz XL is compatible with more than 200 applications.

Along with our 4 sided CAVE, we provide business facilities such as meeting and conference rooms so that you can set up high-level VR visualization events to a targeted audience (VR demonstrations, open days, etc.). You wish to organise an Open Day in TechViz CAVE ? Let’s meet and make it a global success.

TechViz CAVE : a unique visualization system to boost your business

  • Organise your product launches or press conferences
  • Fasten your decision-making process
  • Improve collaboration and teamwork
  • Benefit from constant updates with the latest equipment/technology
  • Reduce risks and costs by displaying your product before it is actually built


TechViz CAVE : a key VR solution that can be used by any markets

TechViz CAVE facility is customized to meet your needs:

A dedicated space of 140m² that consists of:

  • A 4 sided Cave
  • A reception desk
  • A dedicated entrance
  • A boardroom
  • A presentation room
TechViz 4 sided CAVE



Showroom Agenda

  • 2016
  1. TechViz VR Open Days 26-27/10/2016
  2. TechViz/ART Open Day 06/17/2016
  3. TechViz demo: Brazil 04/26/2016
  4. TechViz demo: Saudi Arabia 04/19/2016
  5. TechViz demo: Germany 04/19/2016
  6. TechViz demo: South Africa 04/08/2016
  7. TechViz demo:Finland 04/08/2016
  8. TechViz demo: Sweden 03/15/2016
  9. TechViz demo: Germany 03/15/2016
  10. TechViz demo: Finland 02/18/2016
  11. TechViz demo: Germany 02/02/2016
  12. TechViz demo: Finland 01/28/2016
  • 2015
  1. TechViz demo: Germany 12/11/2015
  2. TechViz demo: French 12/10/2015
  3. TechViz demo: Poland Universities 12/03/2015
  4. TechViz/Pôle Systematic Open Day 11/26/2015
  5. TechViz/Antycip Open Day 06/28/2015
  6. TechViz/Antycip Open Day 06/14/2015
  7. TechViz/ART Open Day 03/18/2015
  8. TechViz/Haption Open Day 02/03/2015
  • 2014
  1. TechViz/EnSignt Open Day 09/22/2014
  2. Pole Systematic Open Day 05/22/2014


  1. TechViz/SMI Open days 10/22-33/2013
  2. TechViz Oktal Open days 09/26-27/2013
  3. HP Workstation Diner Club 06/20/2013
  4. CAVE Launch 06/08/2013