An immersive software for your VR headset

TechViz VR is a virtual reality software that enables to display your 3D data in a VR, AR or MR headset. For a complete immersive experience.

TechViz VR: the ideal prototyping software for the highest performing head-mounted displays

TechViz VR is a software that enables to display any virtual prototype from a 3D application directly on a VR, AR or MR headset, without the need of any data conversion. TechViz virtual prototyping solutions are compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta, Canon MREAL, Windows Mixed Reality, Sensicsand more. Easy to transport and very flexible, these head-mounted displays have proven their worth around the world and are greatly appreciated by the virtual reality systems’ users. Thanks to TechViz VR, the user can visualize a 3D model in real-time in an immersive system.

How to display a 3D model in a VR headset?

TechViz VR acts like a driver to any HMD: it captures directly a virtual prototype loaded in the original software TechViz VR to display it instantly on your HMD. 

The experience in HMD is highly dependent on the framerate. To avoid the so called “motion-sickness” TechViz VR optimizes the graphics without compromising on quality and details. This graphics optimization allows to reach the FPS requirement while displaying the 3D model very smoothly into your lightweight and easy to set up headset.

Compatible with more than 200 applications: Autodesk Navisworks, Alias, Siemens Jack, Dassault Systemes 3DVia, Icem Surf, CEI Ensight, Unity 3D, and much more!

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Key Benefits of TechViz VR

  • Use with any VR, AR or MR headset
  • Review your projects
  • Make ergonomic studies
  • Assess risks and safety for maintenance operations
  • Identify errors at an early stage of your product conception