Open Days Madrid with Antycip Simulation

[SAVE THE DATE] We’re making a VR workshop with our partner Antycip Simulation in Madrid on November 27. This workshop will be dedicated to the use of VR in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industries.


  • START : November 27, 2018
  • END : November 27, 2018
  • TIME : 9am – 14.30pm
  • LOCATION : Hotel Puerta América, Madrid, Spain
  • PARTNER : Antycip Simulation, Barco

In partnership with Antycip and Barco, this workshop aims at showing the benefits of virtual reality to profesionals from the architecture, engineering and construction industries. Attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves entirely and instantly in their 3D model, without any delay and with great performances thanks to TechViz XL vr software for large systems, and to TechViz VR, for VR headsets. Both software work from any 3D application and without the need of converting any data. Making it faster to work on their 3D data in virtual reality.

In the architecture and construction industry, architects and engineers use TechViz to virtually explore a complete building before its production. They can display their model of building in 1:1 scale and navigate in it to see and correct potential errors of design or accessibility. VR enables to communicate and to make changes directly in the virtual prototype, instead of making them on the real protype. Thus to gain time and money.

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Marketing – Justine Lailler

Sales Manager – Salvatore Gabaï