TechViz is used by Research and Education

Virtual Reality is now deeply involved in the life sciences industry, as an essential tool for research and education. VR not only stimulates learning and comprehension, but it also helps researchers better understand their data and promote research. Learn why TechViz’s virtual reality software is widely used by academic centers and scientists…

Use Cases:

  • Scientists and students visualize molecular structures for a better understanding of their shape and size
  • Researchers can navigate inside a molecule and identify its components
  • Scientists can combine molecules with volumetric data such as crystallography or Cryo-EM
  • Scientists can explore a variety of docking conformations
  • Present and promote research
  • Students use immersive virtual learning

TechViz solutions are compatible with :

and many more!

Advantages of TechViz for Research and Education:

Virtual reality is used for implementation and presentation of project results, and for collaboration between research teams.

VR facility does help raising a University profile, as more international students are attracted by these cutting edge technologies. Moreover, most universities use their facility both for business and research.

The TechViz immersive solution gives researchers the flexibility to work with a wide range of native CAD softwares and see changes in real-time. This makes it attractive to a broad visitor base in project design, and makes a VR facility a viable proposition because it is compatible with the large range of applications used in research projects.

Benefits :

  • VR enables to increase the understanding of spatial relationship
  • Immersive 3D visualization brings to a new level the information transfer for learning process
  • New forms of interactions can be easily visualized and tested
  • Better insights of scientific data, in particular for non-experts

Client testimonial

Carolina Cruz-Neira, Director of the Emerging Analytics Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock(UALR).
“We wanted our collaborators and partners to be able to use their standard visualization tools across our systems (…) Techviz offers the solution needed at EAC, providing a software tool that enables the display of any 3D visualization application in a virtual reality system.”

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