EasyViz: display your 3D model on a powerwall in your meeting room!


With EasyViz, any meeting room becomes an immersive and interactive VR room. It has never been easier to display a 3D model on a Powerwall.

  • Key features:

    • 3D real-time visualization without any data conversion
    • Display more than 200 applications (Catia V5, RevitSiemens NX and more)
    • Space-saving: It can be easly installed in any regular meeting room
    • Technical review of your 3D model in your boardroom
    • Quick and easy to install

Why EasyViz?

Thanks to the EasyViz concept, you will be able to visualize your 3D model directly in your meeting room if equipped with an ultra short-throw stereo projector. Ideal for a technical review in a boardroom, product presentation, and for team work.

Small and medium-sized companies also have a need for 3D visualization software and virtual reality rooms. These users can now convert their own meeting room into a 3D immersive and interactive room, for a better interaction during a product review.

EasyViz functionalities:

  • Navigation: navigate inside your data and understand better your project
  • Zoom : change the scale of your model
  • Bookmark : record different view positions
  • Clip plane : cut the model to to explore different layers



What space do I need for an EasyViz experience ?

You will need to have either a 2.5meters wide/ 2meters high projection wall or a projection screen of 2.5mx1.8m. The space left in front of the screen should be around 2 meters so that the users can interact with their models with ease.

What type of hardware do I need to create an immersive meeting room ?

It is recommended that you used a short-throw projector and a smarttrack to save space.

Are short-throw projectors luminous enough ?

There is a broad range of short-throw projectors on the market, and we will be delighted to advise you on the quality of your future equipment. It is recommended to avoid a direct exposure of the light on the 3D model, for a better visualisation, and this applies to any VR experience.