The Defense Industry uses TechViz

Virtual Reality is more and more used by the military : the army, navy and air force use TechViz’s virtual reality software mostly for training purposes.

Use cases :

  • Simulate a flight
  • Simulate a battlefield
  • Simulate hostage rescue
  • Medical training on a battlefield
  • Vehicle simulation
  • Virtual boot camp

Prepare and analyse missions in real-time!

The Defense industry prepares, monitors, and analyses missions in real time via virtual reality systems. Operations are followed on the ground, in the sea, in the air or in the space. Analytic information is viewed in stereoscopic 3D in order to analyse operational concepts and validate system performances: manpower, communications, radars, sensors.

Training without risk thanks to Virtual Reality

VR is used by the military, most of the time for training purposes: for instance, soldiers can be trained for combat situations and dangerous settings, so as to learn how to react properly.

Using a virtual reality software like TechViz, soldiers avoid serious injuries while re-enacting a specific scenario with an enemy in a particular environment, without the real world risks. Not only is it safer, it is also far less costly than traditional training methods.

Among + than 200 3D applications, TechViz solutions are compatible with:


AGI STK Viewer

Presagis Vega Prime

Virtual BattleSpace