The Shipbuilding Industry uses TechViz

Cutting edge technologies have always been key in the shipbuilding industry, in order to ensure quality and safety. In the past decade, due to this perpetual pursuit of quality and innovation, leaders of the Shipbuilding sector have been moving towards Virtual Reality.

Use cases:

  • Fitters and welders use TechViz’s solutions to verify the feasibility of the assembly
  • TechViz Collaborative offers to follow the evolutions of the virtual scene in real time, with an avatar of the sailor in the model. Other teams, interns or international customers can participate from remote locations.
  • Project review: study the safety conditions in the workplace when the task is carried out, thanks to the visualization of body movements in an immersive way
  • Simulate the evacuation of a ship and evaluate safety on board in a very optimal way
  • Improve the ergonomics during construction
  • Check the 3D model to avoid collisions between parts
  • Schedule and sequence errors and inconsistencies
  • Create and reproduce trajectories

Among the many compatible 3D applications:

Aveva Marine


Siemens NX

Sener Foran

VR meets the new challenges of the Shipbuilding Industry:

The shipbuilding industry faces challenges such as high costs of production, while designing large and complex ships which have to comply with safety requirements. VR gives a realistic understanding of a ship model’s data. Virtual Reality also enables to anticipate ergonomics, path planning inside the ship, visibility and maintenance operations.

TechViz XL, as a VR solution for Virtual Prototyping, is used during the design and development stages of shipbuilding. Besides, when a VR system is installed next to a production site,it can also be used by the team preparing and assembling the ship: they are immersed in a realistic environment and can foresee what needs to be changed.