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Maintenance scenario evaluation

Use TechViz and make maintenance scenario to assess risks and safety for maintenance operations

Working conditions in production facilities, or offshore platforms for example, can be very hostile for workers. Sending staff and engineers to complex hazardous environments is extremely costly and requires very specific training. TechViz is used to help creating VR scenarios for training sessions or to assess risk and safety during maintenance operations in these remote or dangerous locations.

More specifically, in the energy industry, companies are under intense pressure due to the exponential growth in power demand. Among the many benefits, virtual reality enables to better transfer skills and increase knowledge, to ensure all workers are well prepared.

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An easy-to-use VR software to accelarate maintenance processes

TechViz software can be used to perform a maintenance in a ship or a nuclear power plant virtually. Even if the installation is still under construction, it is possible to check the ergonomic posture of the technician when he will perform the maintenance operation. A simple and fast process: load the model in the native software (like PTC Creo) and TechViz will display the model immediately in your VR System (like a powerwall or an HTC Vive). So, the technician is able to perform immediately the maintenance operation, and the ergonomics engineer is able to check his posture in real-time. He is able to tell the technician to try to perform the operation differently, or test the impact of making the changes in real-time. By using the native software, it is possible to immediately check the change, find the best configuration and back it up in the native PDM system. Such virtual assessment enables to perform in hours a process that would have lasted weeks by doing mockups or 3D model conversions.

Use Cases of maintenance scenario evaluation

  • Disaster planning: assess risks and safety
  • Training sessions: familiarize with vessels and task to be performed later on site

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