Immersive Room - Virtual Reality Showroom - 3D visualization

Immersive Room

A visualization solution to create an immersive 3D experience

TechViz CAVE - VR Showroom

TechViz immersive room – Paris VR showroom

TechViz Virtual Reality Showroom is a unique facility located in the heart of Paris (France). You can come with your 3D model and we will display it instantly in a fully immersive environment. Equipped with the latest high technologies both hardware and software, TechViz 4-sided immersive room is a fully integrated solution for VR and 3D visualizations. Developed with long-term partners, all experts in their field, this is your fast track to 3D Virtual Reality.

  • Projection powered by Christie, 4 mirage M series
  • Integration by Antycip Simulation
  • 3D Visualization Software TechViz XL by TechViz
  • Workstations Z620 supplied by HP
  • Screens and structure supplied by Da-lite
  • NVIDIA Graphic cards P5000 supplied by PNY and NVIDIA
  • Tracking system TrackPack 4 and navigation device FLystick2 supplied by ART
  • 3D glasses and emitters supplied by Volfoni

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Typical immersive room set up

  • Rear projection walls
  • Tracking sensors in the walls
  • Down projection floor
  • Video
  • VR glasses

A multi-faceted virtual environment

  • Analyze spatially-related data
  • Focus on data with a fully integrated display, software, computing and support solution
  • Feel the 3D model floating in space, while still seeing your hands and other people
  • Navigate in life-sized environments


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