TechViz I3, simulate instrument clusters in virtual reality

Interact with your digital instrument clusters for a full ergonomic simulation

The TechViz I3 option is easy to use and enables to visualize human-machine interaction scenarios, combining non-3D elements within a 3D model.

Interactive Image Integration (I3) ?

Interact Instantly with your Digital Instrument Clusters, Digital Infotainment, Navigation Systems, Digital Speedometer, Digital Electronic Control Unit, Digital climate control or any kind of HMI in your product design. The aim is to emulate a touch-sensitive interaction with HMI in an immersive environment. These HMI are independent 2D applications integrated in the mock-up. In a virtual car, user’s fingers can be tracked thanks to a thimble for interaction with the virtual GPS interface. The collision between the interaction tool and the user interface emulates a computer mouse click. It enables to create various scenarios such as testing hand accessibility to the main commands from the driver seat of a car.

How does it work?

Define the interactive panel in the design application and start the HMI emulator on the computer. TechViz I3 will automatically display these HMI in the immersive world. In combination with a tracked device, users can control the HMI. TechViz I3 detects the contact of user’s fingers to the virtual panel, then emulate the contact into a touch control onto the HMI. Multiple sources are possible. Preparation time is instant, the designer only needs to apply a specific texture to define the interactive display.

Hardware compatibility :

  • 3DOF markers 
  • Finger tracking
  • Dataglove
  • Leapmotion
  • Regular 6DOF targets
  • Key features

  • Assess HMI ergonomics in the virtual product
  • Haptic feedback
  • Navigate HMI
  • Test command accessibility
  • Head up display in the digital vehicle

Techviz I3_web image

Why Interactive Image Integration (I3) ?

To bring together data from various sources (departments) for parallel and more efficient validation.

  • Instant display of your 3D car cockpit on any VR system (Immersive Room, HMD)
  • No data conversion
  • Realistic digital interaction 
  • Your HMI in contextual environment
  • Make changes in real time
  • Compatible with + than 200 applications
    including instrument cluster simulators
  • Fully immersive


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