The Engineering & Manufacturing sector uses TechViz


Visualization and clarity are very important for design and engineering, especially when teams work in different locations. VR technologies developed by TechViz help improve synchronization and clarity.

TechViz in the Engineerinf & Manufacturing industry

Benefits of Virtual Prototyping in the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Interactive and immersive capability which enhances understanding
  • Manage complex CAD data sources easily
  • Collaborate in a single VR environment wherever you are
  • Cluster aware for increased performance
  • Detect collisions
  • Reduce design time
  • Reduce the size of prototyping iterative cycles in PLM projects

Virtually explore your product and work worldwide on a 3D model with your team

Virtual prototyping gives engineering, manufacturing and conceptual design departments the ability to virtually explore a complete product before it is actually produced.

3D models are displayed in an immersive room, or in a head-mounted display, in order to check machine behaviors, and correct potential design errors in real time without producing physical prototypes. There are many benefits in being able to immerse team members working on the same project in many different locations, in the details of complex CAD data.

Use cases:

  • Navigate in a virtual warehouse displayed in a virtual environment and validate ergonomics for worker postures
  • Imagine a possible walk through inside a factory
  • Speed up the journey to market of assembly lines
  • Test and simulate before asking or receiving capital investment for physical production
  • Visualize point cloud data to understand on-site challenges
  • Correct and modify your prototype in VR Collaboration

TechViz solutions are compatible with :

– Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, Catia, 3DVia Composer

PTC Creo Parametrics, Creo View

Siemens Plant Simulation

Intergraph Smart Plant Review

and many more!

Client testimonials

  • Markus Halbritter, Senior Project Manager,Virtual Reality and 3D Visualisation, at BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH
    Key factors are time, quality and cost”. “Virtual reality helps prevent failure analysis in a product design for a guaranty of quality. We carry out virtual photorealistic design reviews in real time to save time. Virtual prototypes are now replacing physical prototypes to reduce costs and to improve on efficiency with faster delivery of digital prototypes to required locations”
  • Joseph Black, senior business analyst, at AGCO Corporation.
    “By reviewing the models virtually we are able to catch interferences, perform clearance checks and fix engineering designs ahead of prototyping, allowing us to create fewer prototypes before the final product is ready. Ultimately, we hope the powerwall will not only help us reduce costs, but build the best farming equipment possible.”

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