Immersive Room: A visualization solution to create an immersive 3D experience!

An Immersive virtual protyping system allows users to:

  • Analyze spatially-related data
  • Focus on data with a fully integrated display, software, computing and support solution
  • Feel the 3D model floating in space, while still seeing their hands and other people
  • Navigate in life-sized environments

Typical Immersive Room set up

A typical Immersive Room set up includes the following technologies:

  • Rear projection walls
  • Tracking sensors in the walls
  • Down projection floor
  • Video

Immersive Room users wear a pair of VR glasses which display a 3D image via stereoscopy. The 3D effect is rendered by displaying two images – one per eye – which allows the brain to interpret the depth of the objects. With the help of a tracking system which records the person’s actions inside an Immersive Room, the point of view of the user is defined to display the images with the right perspective.

TechViz XL Virtual Prototyping Software

Thanks to TechViz XL, a virtual prototyping software, the users will be able to navigate within their 3D models in 1:1 scale and visualize their product before it is actually built.  Easy and flexible, TechViz XL can display more than 250 3D modelling applications without data conversion. Working like a driver, TechViz XL displays applications such as Siemens NX, Autodesk, CATIA V5, PTC… by just starting the application and loading the model.

TechViz immersive room - VR Showroom

TechViz CAVE Immersive Showroom
TechViz CAVE - VR Showroom