Discover the TechViz options available to work on your 3D model !

Digital review

Measure the distance between any two points. Hide and show parts to have a better  understanding of the model. Stick virtual flags on the model with Annotations to point out specific issues seen during the review. Clip planes to check different layers and  navigate intuitively with Building Explorer.

Video recording

Record a presentation and user actions as an animation, AVI or 3D movie. Helpful for product review, training and documentation.

Virtual Assembly

Enable to move parts of the model, see collisions and record a path to be reloaded for further studies. Ideal for project review , maintenance and training sessions. It is also possible to have full rigid body realistic physics simulation and force-feedback with Haption IPSI and Virtuose 6D.

Body and finger tracking

Using a full body and hand motion tracking system, display a 3D avatar of the user’s fingers and body in the virtual scene. Carry out accurate reach analysis, enhance presence or validate ergonomics.


Visualize a common 3D model from separate sites and on heterogeneous stereo display systems. Enable teamwork between departments based in different locations and real time collaboration.


Merge 3D scenes of different applications into a single unified scene and merge into a single prototype. Make changes in real time in each of the application without data conversion. Ideal for cross domain review.


Combine your existing 3D OpenGL application with TechViz TVZLib to develop tailored interactive functionalities.


Create VR drawing on your 3D model during collaborative review project! Identify and sketch an area of a 3D model to highlight a part of the prototype.

Interactive Image Integration

Interact with your digital instrument cluster in virtual reality.
Visualize human-machine interface scenarios, combining non 3D elements within a 3D model.
The aim is to emulate a touch-sensitive interaction with HMI in an immersive environment.