Portable AR / VR immersive room for off-site project reviews

Fly&Viz bundles TechViz software with all the necessary hardware into an airline checked luggage compatible suitcase.

Key benefits


  • Mobile VR immersive room to display CAD models wherever it is necessary: meeting on construction site, design review at a customer or partner offices, product presentation at the venue of an event…
  • All-in-one VR solution including hardware and software enabling the complete set-up of an immersive room for a fixed and predefined budget.
  • All components being already integrated and connected, set-up is very quick (5 minutes) and can be done by the user himself/herself, without intervention of a specialist for configuration.

When VR becomes easy

  • Enables you to bring an immersive room to any off-site meeting and display easily your CAD models in VR
  • Comprehensive, compact and light (23kg) solution, making it conveniently transported and quickly set-up (5 minutes)
  • Integrates all the necessary hardware for VR presentation: projector, tracking systems, glasses & infrared transmitter, Flystick, cables and PC (optional)
  • Includes TechViz XL software license, enabling real-time display without data conversion of CAD models from over 200 compatible applications (Navisworks, Catia, Siemens NX and many more)

All the equipment of an immersive room stowed into a standard size suitcase

The suitcase of Fly&Viz is 90 cm x  50 cm x 31 cm (35’’x  20’’ x 12’’) and weights 23 kg (50.7 lbs.), without the optional workstation.

These dimensions and weight are accepted for standard checked-in luggage by most airlines, unlike existing offers whose size and weight require cargo shipment. And just as you would expect from a normal suitcase, it has wheels and a handle to be effortlessly dragged around.

TechViz XL License

A TechViz XL software license is packaged into Fly&Viz, enabling real-time display without data conversion of CAD models from over 200 compatible applications (Navisworks, Catia, Siemens NX and many more).

It includes the following modules:

Other TechViz functionalities can be added as options.

VR Hardware

Fly&Viz bundles TechViz Software with a suite of hardware equipment provided by our partners Optoma, ART and Volfoni. These components have been carefully selected by TechViz for optimal AR / VR display combined with maximum compacity.

  • Optoma EH320UST 1080p ultra short throw projector. Its bright 4000 lumens and it can project a 100” image from just 55cm away avoiding any shadows being cast across the screen from the users.
  • 5 pairs of Volfoni EDGE 1.2 Active 3D Glasses that have active infrared synchronization and allow to visualize 3D images.
  • ActivHub RF50 Volfoni infrared transmitter often used in VR thanks to its omnidirectional signal without interference.
  • ART Smarttrack plug & play tracking solution
  • 5 Spherical Passive Markers that are infrared light reflecting elements’’, mostly LEDs.
  • Flystick 3, a lightweight wireless interaction device for VR applications.
  • All necessary cables for a maximum distance of 7 meters between the PC and the projector
  • As an option, HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation, fitted with P5000 Nvidia graphic cards. Would the client want to use his/her own PC, any workstation of comparable size and performance, such as the Dell 7720 can work with Fly&Viz.

All items are neatly stowed in foamed compartments within the suitcase and wired together for quick and easy set-up.

Just open the case, prop the lid against the projection wall, plug in the power cord, connect and turn on the PC, et voilà, everything is configurated for a VR presentation with 3.2m x 1.8m size, enabling genuinely immersive experience.