Q: What is the difference between TechViz and TechViz XL?

A: TechViz is our company. TechViz XL is our VR software. With TechViz XL, you can use many options developed by TechViz !

Q: What is Virtual Prototyping?

A: Virtual Prototyping is a part of a product’s development. It enables to validate a design before making a physical prototype. With Virtual Prototyping, you can reduce time to market and optimize products to higher levels of performance and reliability. TechViz XL is a Virtual Prototyping software. To learn more, click here!

Q: Do you sell VR headsets?

A: No. We do not sell any display system. We sell a VR software (TechViz XL) and its many options so that you can display your 3D model in real time, high definition, and on a 1:1 scale.

Q: Can I try TechViz XL before buying it?

A: Sure! Our showroom is available anytime, you just have to click here to book a slot ! You can bring your own data and we will give a demo in our CAVE!

Q: Can you give a TechViz XL demo in our offices?

A: Yes. We rely on a worldwide network of partners and expert integrators, who are available to give demos on your site. TechViz’s engineers can also be present.

Q: How is the installation done?

A: When we sell a license, our engineers come to your premises and take care of the installation from scratch.

Q: Which industries are concerned by VR?

A: The Automotive Industry was the 1st industry to use VR, but our VR solutions are now widely used by Architecture and Construction, Engineering & Manufacturing, Research, and many more industries!

Q: Can I see metadata with TechViz?

A: For the main CAD applications, the TechViz optional Connectors functionalities allow to grab metadata from the CAD.

Q: Do I have to import my data to display it?

A: No, it’s much easier than this. We display your data directly, without any conversion. You just have to open your TechViz software!


Tel: +33 (0)1 55 03 00 66                              Sales: techviz-sales@techviz.net
Fax: +33 (0)1 45 86 52 74                   Marketing: techviz-press@techviz.net

Q: Is it possible to move parts of the model with TechViz?

A: The TechViz option Virtual Assembly allows users to pick part of the model and move them either freely or precisely along axes.

Q: Is it possible to see collisions while using TechViz XL?

R: Yes. There is a specific option called Virtual Assembly, with which you can, among many other features, see collisions and interactively move parts of your model or virtual tools.

Q: Is it possible to record my presentation/ my work using TechViz XL?

A: Absolutely! Any action can be recorded to be replayed later in a VR environment or exported as a video AVI file.

Q: What type of data do you need? And how do you import data?

A: We do not import anything. We read the OpenGl flux

Q: Can we save some data we create with the TechViz solution?

A: Definitely! Animations, bookmarks, annotations can be saved and used later on any kind of display system.

Q: Is it possible to interact with someone using a VR headset?

A: Yes, all you have to do is use the TechViz Collaborative option!

Q: Is the vision inside a VR headset fluid or rather slow?

A: The TechViz XL technology permits to enhance performance into VR headsets providing fluid and seamless movements!

Q: Which 3D applications can I use with the HMD?

A: You can display over 200 3D applications with TechViz solutions, be it on a VR headset, in a CAVE or any office system.

Among them:

  • Dassault Systèmes Catia V5, 3Dexperience
  • Autodesk Naviswork
  • Siemens PLM NX
  • PyMol
  • Intergraph Smart Plant Review
  • CEI Ensight
  • PTC Pro/Engineer

…And more than 200 other 3D applications!