[OPEN DAY] TechViz and Pôle Systematic to demonstrate TechVizXL in TechViz 4 Sided immersive room in Paris on November 26, 2015.

TechViz setup a wide range of visualization demos of industrial 3D models (Automobile, Manufacturing, BIM, Construction and Building) using TechViz XL solution. The demos have been displayed in TechViz 4 Sided immersive room for a complete immersive experience, and in a regular meeting room for a light and easy display solution.

Thanks to these demos, visitors have been able to understand how to leverage assets from Virtual Reality (VR) in two distinct environments : a fully immersive one with high technological value and a lighter one meeting offices requirements and constraints.

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Design tools

  • 3D models display and virtual prototyping visualization
  • Technical reviews and collaborative mode between design offices

Automobile / Transportation

  • Approve design and car properties in a virtual environment
  • Ergonomics, visibility, accidentology
  • Study Human-Machine Interface

Factory of the future

  • Virtual prototyping of a workshop or a factory
  • Validation of ergonomics related to workers’ posture
  • Reducing time-to-market of assembly lines thanks to 3D

Digital Cities / BIM

  • Virtual tours of building to identify potential errors in 3D mock-ups
  • Efficient marketing/sales tool enabling clients to wlak through the 3D model and visualize paths

Smart Energy Management

  • Improve productivity and reduce costs thanks to 3D visualization
  • Manage risks and detect infrastructures’ defaults thanks to Virtual Reality
  • Simulate virtual training  of the maintenance teams

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Virginie PINON – [email protected]

Lamia SOUILAH – [email protected]