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Digital Mock Up

Digital Mock Up: An easy way to review your projects in VR

Digital Mock Up feature aims at improving the user’s interaction with his 3D model in the virtual environment. This option enables a thorough and dynamic 3D visualization so as to make your VR sessions useful and fruitful for the progress of your project.

Digital Mock Up different functionalities offer an efficient and easy way toreview your virtual prototypes with a dedicated set of tools. These functionalities aim to improve the interaction in the virtual reality environment and the work done around the virtual prototype. With a user friendly interface, it’s very easy to use.

Measure the distance between two points. Hide and show partsto have a better understanding of your 3D model. Stick virtual flags on the model with annotations to point out specific issues observed during the review.

Why use Digital Mock Up?

  • Scale: display your model at scale 1:1 or any other scale.
  • Bookmarks: save positions in your virtual model, export and reload them in future sessions.
  • Clip planes: clip the model in any direction.
  • Measurements: measure distances, angle or radius.

Why use Digital Mock Up?

  • Measurements: measure the distance between two points, two surfaces (to get one angle) or 3 points to acquire the diameter of a circle.
  • Save viewpoints / bookmarks: stores the current user position towards the virtual model to load it in another session. The benefit is to jump directly to the 3D model’s places of interest without having to navigate from one place to the other.
  • Add section planes: clip the model along the direction the user selects. Magnetism effect is present in order to snap along the main axes of the model. Accurate values and position can be set in the GUI Otrack.
  • Hide&Show: hide selected parts, one after another, show them again or switch between hidden parts and shown parts.
  • Snapshots: save 2D or 360° pictures from different point of view.
  • Annotations: place flags in the VR environment, save and reload them later in VR or in your CAD application.
  • Sketching: Draw 3D lines on your model with different colors and shapes.
  • Building Explorer: Stick your feet on the ground to get your real viewpoint, without preliminary work on the model. Go up and down using stairs and ladder.
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  • Take snapshots: save a picture of the current view in the master computer directory. Use them later in a report document or present one particular part to  your coworkers or customers.
  • Hide/show specific parts of the virtual prototype: as in a CAD software, it is possible to hide selected parts, one after another, show them again or switch between hidden parts and shown parts.
  • Add annotation flags: a virtual flag is added in the VR environment pointing at the selected position, for future use. These comments can be saved and reloaded later for the project follow up, and can be deleted.
  • Building Explorer feature allows you to virtually visit the interior of a building. The user’s feet are like sticked to the ground in the virtual model. The user is able to climb stairs up and down.
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Use cases

Engineering project reviews

Customers/VIP dynamic presentations

Virtual Reality CAD Validation

Virtual visit in a future building


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