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Automated Reporting

TechViz software allows you to visualize any CAD model on any type of virtual reality device. In order to bring you more efficiency during your VR session, the Automated Reporting feature enables you to insert VR seamlessly into your engineering workflows.

Optimize your VR sessions organization and efficiency with Automated Reporting feature !

Automated Reporting offers you the ability to save time, avoiding switching back and forth from your VR device to your notepad. Stay focused on your  project with the Automated Reporting.

Perfect your organization ! Insert a list of decisions items to make meetings minutes directly during your reviews.

Improve your processes thanks to Automated Reporting which allows task tracking and simplifies decision traceability.

Automated Reporting

  1. Save time
  2. Stay focused
  3. Improve you processes
  4. Maximize efficiency & productivity

Detailed functionalities of the Automated Reporting feature

Imports the agenda of the meeting

Automated Reporting imports the agenda of the meeting as a list of items to be checked during the VR session. By default, the status of each item to be is either ‘unchecked’, ‘OK’ or ‘not OK’ and the list of criteria can be customized.

Adds entries to the report

As the session goes, Automated Reporting adds entries to the report at the request of the user. Each entry includes date & time information, user position, snapshot and Digital Mock-Up information (measurement or annotation ID and text).

Exports Reports

It exports a complete report of the session with all the entries.

Save & Reload

Save and reload the session at another time to start over where you have left!

Automated Reporting Key Benefits

  • This feature helps maximizing the efficiency and productivity of VR sessions, by integrating the agenda of the meeting as an embedded chart and by instantly producing its minutes.
  • Take notes directly in your virtual environment and stay focused on the discussion.
  • Automated Reporting improves quality processes and governance, as VR sessions are directly minuted, for easy task tracking and decision traceability.