The Architecture and Construction markets use TechViz for BIM projects


VR has already demonstrated its capacity to change the ways we design, make decisions about, and produce built environments. The BIM-TechViz combination is the perfect example.

The Architecture and Construction sector

The Architecture and Construction sector is very active in the adoption of Information, Communication and Technology. This sector can be divided into three parts: buildings (residential/non-residential), infrastructure (heavy/highway) and industry.

Many problems and errors in construction projects are the results of a lack of communication. When collaborating partners are able to present, explain, and alter the design in a shared space, misunderstandings and errors are less likely to occur.

View your BIM model in a fully immersive 3D CAD system with TechViz!

With TechViz, stereoscopic visualization of the 3D CAD models (i.e: Autodesk Revit Architecture, Siemens RobCAD) is now fully integrated into the BIM process (Building Information Modeling). This immersive experience speeds up the journey to construction, thanks to an improved communication between the different actors of the contruction industy.

Experts in architecture, civil engineering, urban studies and planning or construction can interact with their data and identify potential errors in the design. As for architects, the 3D CAD model becomes a sales and marketing tool for their clients to have a better understanding of the building.

Client testimonials

  • Sylvain Piotrowski, BIM Manager at A&S-BIMtech:
    “3D visualization has become an attractive tool to be part of the BIM process”
  • Johan Ahrebo, Visualization centre manager Virtual Reality and 3D Visualisation at Skanska
    “When I navigate in a virtual building, I usually give the flystick to constructors so they can feel the immersive experience. It gives a realistic understanding of what a building or a construction project could look like”

Key advantages of TechViz in the Architecture and Construction sector

  • Navigate in a virtual building
  • Turn your architecture model into a virtual prototype displayed in 1:1 scale
  • Interact with your model in real time
  • No data conversion
  • Ideal for project review
  • Make changes in the architecture and the building instantly
  • Follow steps remotely
  • Assess additional work to be done on the building site
  • Maximize work in process
  • An interactive sales tool
  • Virtual tours for your clients
  • Amend design in real time



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