The Aerospace & Aeronautics sectors use TechViz

Aeronautics and aerospace industries use virtual prototyping to optimize quality and reduce costs to design and build aircrafts.

Aeronautics and Aerospace: VR used to design, build and test aircrafts

The fields of aeronautics, aviation and aerospace science include designing, building, maintaining and testing all sorts of aircraft and spacecraft : small planes, rockets and orbiters. Aerospace engineering deals with designing and building aircraft and spacecraft. Aeronautical engineering is the practice of designing and building aircraft like airplanes and helicopters. The astronautical side of aerospace engineering is concerned with designing and building units like space shuttles and space stations.

Virtual reality and virtual prototyping are widely used in the aviation and aerospace industry for engineering project and simulation. With the TechViz solutions, professionals from the aerospace and aeronautics industries significantly accelerate time-to market. Among the many advantages, virtual reality offers to check ergonomics, perform maintenance operations and even reduce costs. From the very first stages of design, engineers will be able to get engaged with their 3D virtual protoypes in real time and in High Definition.

Use cases:

  • Check ergonomics
  • Practise and train
  • Validate cockpit HMI
  • Optimize assembly/disassembly sequences
  • Verify resources, tooling and visualize workflow
  • Reduce risks and check safety requirements in your technical review

Our references in Aerospace and Aeronautics

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