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Join us March, 5th-6th in Germany for the ARTDays2015

Mercredi 4 février 2015

Join us March 5th and 6th at Murnau,  Germany for the ARTDays2015!
We will showcase our latest demonstration with our partner Viscon on a rear projector equipped with an ART Hybrid suit.
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About ARTDays 2015
Come and experience Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) for industry and research at ART’s 2nd edition of their user conference, the ARTDAYS in spring 2015! Hardware and software manufacturers in the fields of 3D simulation, visualization and immersive 3D applications, as well as renowned customers from industry and research will present latest developments, time- and cost-saving applications as well as views into the future of the very promising possibilities of VR and AR. Top-class lectures and a varied exhibition provide the framework for interesting discussions, networking and maybe also new future strategies. The event is targeting existing customers as well as interested product managers, decision makers and developers from industry and academic institutions.

Marketing- Lucie deniset
Sales – Salvatore Gabaï

Join us April 8th to 10th at Laval, France for Laval Virtual 2015, 17th edition

Mardi 3 février 2015

Join us for  Laval Virtual 2015 with our partners Christie and PNY on booth D3-D6

TechViz XL operating with Christie’s 4K25 120Hz mirage

The TechViz XL™ software package, which allows users to display their 3D models directly from their native industrial or VR applications on a stereo 3D display, will operate at Laval  with Christie’s highly performant 4K25 120Hz projector. Users will visualize the 3D application of their choice, without data conversion, and featuring a very high quality image. The combination of TechViz XL™ with Christie’s 4K Mirage is a breakthrough in immersive VR technology.
More info on TechViz

Brand New for Laval Virtual 2015

For the first time at Laval, we will unveil the combined solution of TechViz XL™ with the IPS Cable Simulation software on a 3D virtual environment. IPS Cable Simulation, distributed by fleXstructures GmbH, is the most extensive high-capacity software for design optimization, virtual assembly, digital validation/DMU of flexible cables, hoses and wiring harnesses!
IPS Cable Simulation combined with TechViz XL™ in Virtual Reality offers a live cabling simulation based on the scientifically based simulation carried out by the IPS software for an immersive and interactive experience.
More info on TechViz XL™ with the IPS

Nvidia Graphic Card Contest

Pop in to the TechViz booth D3-6 and try your luck to win an Nvidia Graphic Card, or one of our exciting pressies!  All goodies are supplied by PNY.

TechViz Collaborative Demonstrations

Don’t miss the TechViz Immersive Real-Time 3D Prototyping Experience for Multiple Users in Separate Locations. Collaborative demonstations will take place between the TechViz and Antycip Simulation booths: you will visualize a common demonstration simultaneously.
TechViz Collaborative
gives users the ability to visualize a 3D model from 3D CAD, PLM and simulation applications together with remote users’ avatar in real time. There is no limit to the number of sites that can join the immersive 3D prototyping experience with TechViz Collaborative and the breakthrough technology can pinpoint remote users’ attention throughout the experience.
More info on TechViz Collaborative’

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Marketing – Lucie Deniset
Sales – Gilles Barbieux

Join us March 25th to 27th for IEEE VR,in Arles, France

Mardi 3 février 2015

Join us March 25th to 27th  in  Arles, France for  IEEE VR 2015.
We will showcase our latest demonstration  with our partners Immersion and ART.

For the first time you will experience demonstrations of your 3D models on a Oculus DK2 displayed by TechViz in real time!