The TechViz solutions are compatible with autostereoscopic display systems

TechViz XL is fully compatible with autostereoscopic displays (Alioscopy, Tridelity, etc..) to present the content from your 3D application without having to wear glasses in real time.

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  • Key features:

  • Ease to use
  • Product showcase
  • Model visualization
  • Team Collaboration

Use cases and advantages :

  • Training for engineering or medical schools
  • Rapid local VR visualization
  • Easy to start and stop

How to use TechViz with your Autostereoscopic display:

In 4 steps:

  • Install the Z-Hardware element to one workstation
  • Install Techviz XL
  • Start your application
  • Load your model


  • the same model is displayed at the same time on the autostereoscopic display
  • head tracking and navigation are also supported